Insights from fairs: Clinical Outsourcing Group Europe in Milan


Our team participated in the Clinical Outsourcing Group Europe conference, which took place this year in Milan, Italy. It proved to be a valuable opportunity for networking with fellow exhibitors and gaining deeper insights into our industry from various company perspectives. We are optimistic that this experience will soon translate into new and meaningful partnerships. 


Expert panel with Hari Radhakrishnan, Precision Medicine Director at MICS

In addition to visiting our booth, attendees, including biopharma trial sponsors, had the chance to engage in a series of panel sessions. One such session was led by Hari Radhakrishnan, Precision Medicine Director at MICS.

Hari delivered a presentation titled ‘Clinical Trials in the Era of Precision Medicine for Rare Diseases,’ during which he shared his experiences regarding current rare disease statistics, the needs of the clinical trials landscape in this domain, and the challenges faced in Rare Disease Research.

Our expert highlighted crucial statistics underscoring the importance of focusing on rare diseases in clinical research. He emphasized that less than 5% of rare diseases have an approved treatment and understanding them can sometimes inform better therapies for more common diseases.



Furthermore, he explained why identifying and engaging the rare disease patient population in clinical trial processes is challenging. He also expounded on the differences between the basket trial and umbrella trial approaches.

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