Biospecimen Management

Biospecimen Sourcing

Biospecimen Management (BSM) is a sampling of biological material at the customer’s request with subsequent coordination and control of all the processes:

Biomaterial collection, storage, delivery, legal and customs clearance.

Medicover Integrated Clinical Services provides for prospective and post diagnostics biospecimen collection based on its own chain of clinical laboratories and network of partners. Please inquire to start the scientific discussion.

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Sample Processing

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Biospecimen Management includes the following range of services:

  • Consented specimen provision—biomaterial specimens obtained from patients who have signed the informed consent form (ICF).
  • Biospecimen processing:
    • Isolation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells and cryopreservation with liquid nitrogen
    • DNA and RNA isolation from various specimen matrices
    • Preparation of biosamples for transportation and further transfer to the customer


  • State-of-the-art biorepositories:
    • Ambient
    • Refrigerated (temperature from +2 °C to +8 °C)
    • Cold storage (–20 °C)
    • Ultra-low-temperature freezers (–75 ± 5 °C)
    • Liquid nitrogen biospecimen storage (–196 °C)
    • 24/7 temperature monitoring and backup generators for freezers and refrigerators
  • Logistics:
    • Customized kit production and specialized courier services World Courier and CRYOPDP (Air Liquide Group); legal and customs clearance

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