Biospecimen Management

Comprehensive Biospecimen Sourcing Services

Our Biospecimen Management (BSM) service line is directly connected to our large international network of laboratories and biorepositories and enables our partners to access a very large volume and variety of biospecimens from both healthy volunteers and patients with various indications, including infectious disease, oncology indications, immunological conditions etc. The BSM service line has extensive sample processing and storage capacity which includes -80C freezers, as well as liquid nitrogen storage, and is supported by a specialised logistics system that ensures controlled sample shipment to our biorepositories.

We support our Pharma and IVD partners by providing access to consented and annotated biospecimens such:

  • Sample remnants (serum or plasma)
  • Whole blood
  • Bone marrow
  • Oncology FFPE blocks
  • Matched samples (blood +tissue)

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Our customised sample processing services include:

  • PBMC / BMMC isolation and cryopreservation with liquid nitrogen
  • DNA / RNA extraction from variety of sample matrices
  • Tumor cell isolation (circulating tumor cells or primary tumor cells)

We designed easy-to-use samples collection kits to reduce the risk or pre-analytical errors and maintain the sample integrity during transport:

  • Custom-built to meet protocol and visit requirements
  • Pre-formatted AWBs to minimize paperwork at the collection site
  • Customized laboratory requisition forms
  • Pre-labelled collection tubes, to minimize errors
  • Specimen collection/handling instructions provided in an instruction brochure


We store samples securely in our in-house biorepository:

  • Ambient, refrigerated and cold storage (-20C)
  • Liquid nitrogen storage (-190C)
  • Ultra-low-temperature freezers (-70C and/or -80C)
  • 24/7 temperature monitoring
  • Backup generators for freezers and refrigerators

Our sample logistics services include:

  • Our network of authorised drivers with customized vehicles for refrigerated  and/or frozen shipments
  • Real-time sample tracking from the point of collection
  • Chain-of-custody tracking to ensure sample integrity



Medicover Geo Coverage

The left-over samples generated by our laboratories within Diagnostic Services division are consented for research by our patients. This allows us to build sample cohorts of the highest quality with complete laboratory information, according to the best ethical and clinical practicies.

Sample Remnants sourced directly from:

  • 96 clinical laboratories
  • 670 blood-drawing points (BDPs)
  • Ten countries: Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Moldova, Serbia, Turkey, Georgia and Bulgaria
  • Over 100 milion tests in 2019
  • Broad menu of tests: allergy and autoimmune diagnostics, bacteriology, parasitology, biochemistry, cytology, haematology, histopathology, human genetics, hygiene, immunology and immunochemistry, infectious diseases, microbiology, molecular biology, pharmacology and toxicology.

To check our current remnant samples stock please contact us.

We can organize Prospective Collections of fresh samples by providing access to our network of partner sites in hospital centres from Bulgaria and Poland. Samples are harvested from healthy donors or diseased patients under the strictest ethical standards and IRB-approval processes.


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