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We know that patient recruitment is one of the biggest challenge in clinical research. Over 50% of clinical trials fail to meet planned enrolment targets, risking study data quality and development timelines. Insufficient number of targeted patients recruitment efforts cause delays for late-stage trials, increasing operational costs and wasting research and valuable data. We can prevent this by offering our services.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive services related to patient recruitment. We combine our professionalism and operational excellence to deliver above average patient recruitment. We target potential patients at the right time and place for maximum results. Our approach saves Sponsors recruitment time and money.

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Medicover Integrated Clinical Services engages more than 120 Medicover Clinics and > 96 clinical laboratories, over 2,500 Medicover Networks Partner Clinics, and more than 210 other clinical partners hospitals to recruit patients. Our Diagnostic Services on-line channel currently reaches more than 2.1 million individuals per month, where we can engage patients interested in participating in clinical trials with targeted outreach programs.

We help sites in negotiating and signing contracts as well as give the possibility of employing an additional trained and committed team in order to speed-up the recruitment process. We provide an access to tools facilitating feasibility stage, patient recruitment and research progress. Additionally you can find in our clinics all necessary, certified and highest quality equipment required by modern clinical trials. Our service is directly connected to large international network of laboratories which enables our partners an access to all required diagnostic solutions.


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