Understanding the interplay between the highly complex immune system and a pharmacological intervention is a key element to Precision Medicine

immune system and pharmacological intervention

Immunephenotyping/ -monitoring

  • Immunophenotyping
  • Cellular immune response analysis
  • Chemokine / cytokine levels
  • Humoral immune status
  • Detection of autoantibodies
  • Complement system analysis and detection of autoantibodies

Immunotoxicological response (PD assays)

  • Ex vivo cell stimulation to assess activation, proliferation and cytokine release of immune cells
  • Detection of cytokines / chemokines on blood and immunophenotyping

Effect of immunomodulatory compounds

  • Determination of immunosuppressive/stimulatory potential of compounds on cellular immune response


We are offering state of the art technologies for exploratory testing as well as for clinical decision making


Immunopharmacology technologies

application examples


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