metagenome / metatranscriptome analysis

Understanding the microbiome immune-inflammation axis is becoming more and more important for drug discovery and development for several therapeutic areas and may ultimately lead to microbiome-derived companion diagnostics

metagenome metatranscriptome analysis

In addition, understanding microbiome-drug interaction is another element to Precision Medicine


microbiome drug interaction

We are offering state of the art technologies to address these questions

Targeted MGX

  • High-throuput sequencing on Illna MiSeq platform
  • Amplicon-based appraoch
  • Targets:
    • 16S region for bacterial profiling
    • ITS region for fungal profiling 

Whole MGX sequencing

  • Shot-gun sequencing of while metagonome
  • Ollumina NovaSeq platform
  • De-novo assembly
  • Metatranscriptome sequencing for metabolic profiling

Bacterial Load

  • Absolute qualification of bacterial sequences
  • qPCR-based approach on ViiA7 platform (ABI)
  • For quantitative interpretation of targeted MGx results

application examples


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