Precision Medicine

With over 20 years of experience in providing genomic services, MICS is your ideal partner for outsourcing your precision medicine needs and analysis of biomarkers in clinical trials.

precision medicine
precision medicine
precision medicine
precision medicine
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Our Services

 Our services included DNA and RNA sequencing, single cell sequencing, droplet digital and quantitative PCR, HLA typing, bioinformatics and more. We can provide support your preclinical and clinical phase studies with existing assays and panels or develop custom panels suited to your needs.

biomarkers in clinical trials
precision medicine

Analysis of Biomarkers in clinical trials

Biomarkers are of high importance and great value in many life science areas ranging from trait or disease association (e.g. molecular genetics and HLA genotyping) to personalized medicine (e.g. drug discovery and pharmacogenetics). We offer a variety of services including DNA and RNA sequencing, single cell sequencing, genotyping and gene expression analysis to support your biomarker analysis projects.


Our culture-idependent, high-throughput metagenomic sequencing service can help identify the microbial composition of various environments such as gut, reproductive organs and skin. Based on our flexible metagenomics analysis platform, our experts can advise you on the best primers and bioinformatics pipelines suited for your project.


We offer a broad range of state-of-the-art technologies, analysis platforms and applications to serve your needs in pharmacogenetics including SNP analysis, CNV analysis and gene expression analysis. We also provide low and high resolution HLA genotyping to understand the response of the immune system to treatment.


Our expert team has long-standing experience in biodistribution studies including the design and validation of complex assays, resulting in high-quality data. We design GLP-certified qPCR and ddPCR-based biodistribution studies investigating the persistence of nucleic acid therapeutics in target tissues the dissemination into non-target tissues or gene expression in germ lines.

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