Precision Medicine

Complete solutions to increase success rates for your drug development programs

Operating out of Europe we are specialized in key disciplines to enable Precision Medicine – from Biomarker discovery to applications in clinical routine

Drug development process

Our service offer is based on 3 pillars covering key needs of Precision Medicine approaches

genomics genetics
Broad portfolio for genomics/genetics testing with a key focus on liquid biopsy and NGS – from pre-defined panels to fully customised solutions for various applications
Comprehensive technology portfolio to assess cellular immune response, immunophenotyping and -monitoring for various applications
Dedicated portfolio for metagenome and metatranscriptome analysis for various applications

Precision Medicine service offer

Our service offer covers the needs of pharmaceutical industry across the drug discovery development commercialisation continuum

precision medicine services

  • Biomarker discovery and comprehensive programs in translational research
  • Broad biomarker menu & customized assay development
  • Clinical trial assay & companion diagnostics development services
  • Suport of clinical trial enrolment through Medicover´s broad network
  • Global central lab clinical testing
  • Product commercialisation through our large lab network and CAP-CLIA lab
  • Complemented by Central Lab Services and Biospecimen Management

We are a one stop shop delivering outstanding services to our clients by applying:

  • Scientific, technical and operational excellence
  • World class quality standards, certifications and accreditations
  • Comprehensive quality management systems including method validation, SOPs, quality controls and quality assurance
  • Extensive GxP-ready analytical plans and reports
  • Data privacy / data protection requirements

Under consideration of the specific regulatory requirements our service offer is split

Biomarker Services and Clinical Trial Assay Companion Diagnostics Development

Biomarker discovery and comprehensive programs in translational research based on a broad biomarker menu & customized assay development, e.g. for exploratory biomarkers

CTA/CDx development
Fit for purpose assay development from patient selection in clinical trials to market ready assay
IVD commercialization
Rapid test adoption and commercialization of your IVD / companion diagnostics through our large network of routine testing and CLIA-CAP laboratories



CLIA Certificate
CLIA Certificate

Application examples

Our service offer comprises a huge range of applications

genomics genetics

  • Tumor molecular profiling
  • Liquid biopsy ctDNA testing
  • Gene-target quantification for T-cell therapy
  • SNP genotyping for patient inclusion / exclusion
  • Hereditary cancer testing
  • Exosomal miRNA profiling for early sepsis diagnosis

  • Assessment of immunomodulatory effect
  • Immunophenotyping /-montoring

  • Prognostic microbiome profiling of stool samples
  • Microbiome profiling of stool samples to evaluate treatment effect
  • Microbiome profiling of treated skin samples
  • Pathogen screening


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