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MICS Medical Center Toruń

For over 20 years, a leading research center operating in mid-northern Poland.
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Our MICS Medical Center conducts clinical trials in many diagnostic specialties

Clinical Trials quality

In MICS Medical Center in Toruń we have conducted over 600 clinical trials from phase I to IV and passed over 100 positively verified audits, FDA and CEBK inspections. Our many years of experience in the field of clinical trials have allowed us to develop our own Standard Operating Procedures, guaranteeing the highest quality in keeping reliable medical records. All scientists-doctors are obliged to comply with the ICH Good Clinical Practice guidelines, European Union and Polish law, and the Center’s Standard Operating Procedures.

Patient care first

In every clinical research we follow our mission to conduct clinical trials in accordance with scientific, medical and ethical standards – with the well-being of patients in mind. We provide patients with continuity of care, also after the end of a clinical trial. The path of a patient participating in a clinical trial is organized in a thoughtful way to enable smooth communication between individual rooms.

Team of medical experts

Our SMO team consists of empathic and experienced coordinators, administrators, nurses, laboratory technicians, pharmacists and paramedics. Medical and support staff are very involved in the coordination of clinical trials, providing patients with comprehensive care based on GCP standards. They have at their disposal modern infrastructure including infusion rooms, treatment rooms, diagnostic and medical rooms equipped with high-quality certified medical equipment.


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MICS Medical Center Toruń
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