Site Management Organisation

Where the patient-centric approach convert into stability of clinical trial process.

Site Management Organisation
Site Management Organisation
Site Management Organisation
Site Management Organisation
Site Management Organisation

We have been providing bespoke services to our clients and their patients for over 25 years

Though all the years we have been making strategic use of Medicover assets: over 100 Medicover clinics, 100+ clinical laboratories, 2500+ global Medicover network partners and over 200 hospitals. We benefit from the vast expertise and enthusiasm of a workforce that has grown to more than 28,500 professionals around the world.

Therapeutic areas

We cooparate with numerous specialists from various medical fields, conducting clinical trials in 17 therapeutic areas such as Oncology, Hematology, Rheumatology, Neurology, Urology and many more. Additionally, our expertise extends to Rare Diseases, Orphan Drugs, Infectious Disease and Vaccine research, as well as studies in Cell and Gene Therapy, Virology, and Vaccine Laboratory.

Patients well-being

Our many years of experience in the field of clinical trials have allowed us to develop our own procedures – Standard Operating Procedures, ensuring the highest quality in maintaining accurate documentation of our actions. In our Site Management Organisation we are guided by the well-being of patients, ensuring them safety, and using the latest certified medical equipment.

Global reach

We run clinical trials through our internal and external network in our core regions in EU, CEE and US. Our Diagnostic Services on-line channel reaches more than 2.1 million individuals per month, where we can find targeted patients for each clinical trial.


We conduct research projects in Phase I, II, III, and IV. All clinical trials are carried out in accordance with the principles of Good Clinical Practice – ICH GCP, applicable local regulations, and the requirements of study sponsors.

Our Site Management Organisation network


Over 700 successfully completed studies

Thanks to high quality and broad patient access.


State-of the art medical centers

The modern infrastructure equipped with certified medical equipment.


Average 1000 patients

currently enrolled to clinical trials.


Worked with 50+ Pharma Sponsors and CROs

Among them recognizible brands from pharmaceutical world.


Selected as a partner site and “Prime site”

For some of top 5 CROs.


More than 150 specialists

Thanks to ongoing global recruitment the number is still growing.


17 therapeutic areas

In which successfully recuit qualified patients for clinical trials.


More than 100 audits

including FDA, EMA, CEBK.

Discover our Medical Centres that enable patient access for most of therapeutic areas

Our Site Management Organization (SMO) are all about keeping up with the latest in medicine and working together to create new treatment methods. They cover clinical trials from phase I to IV, with a special focus on recruiting the right patients to each study. Our Medical Centers team up with specialists in various medical fields, expanding the range of research we conduct.



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