Central Lab Services

At Medicover Integrated Clinical Services, we offer end-to-end global Central Lab Services, providing Sponsor and CRO companies with focused and agile approach ensuring successful delivery of clinical research projects of all sizes and complexity.

Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS)
Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS)
Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS)
Central Lab Services

One-stop-shop Global Central Lab Services

Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS)
Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS)

Medicover Integrated Clinical Services is a leading provider of comprehensive central laboratory services for clinical trials, dedicated to supporting Pharma, Biotech, and CRO companies in their pursuit of medical advancements. With a global network of state-of-the-art laboratories, innovative technology, and a team of experienced professionals, MICS offers end-to-end solutions for clinical trial testing. Our services encompass a wide range of diagnostic disciplines, including pathology, hematology, molecular biology, and more, ensuring thorough and precise data collection. We are committed to delivering reliable, high-quality results in compliance with regulatory standards, while also providing efficient project management and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each trial. With MICS, as your central lab partner, you can trust in our expertise to streamline your clinical trial processes and accelerate the path to improved healthcare outcomes.


Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS)
Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS)

Global Central Laboratory Network

We offer unparalleled global coverage utilising not only our state-of-the-art proprietary proprietary laboratory facilities but also leveraging strategic partnerships with leading entities worldwide. The comprehensive network ensures that each clinical research projects, regardless of scale or complexity, receives the highest standards of quality and successful delivery.

At Medicover Integrated Clinical Services, our commitment to advancing healthcare knows no bounds, as we unite cutting-edge technology, global collaboration, and unwavering dedication to drive the success of clinical trials across diverse international landscapes.


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Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS)


Germany — Berlin, Munich
Poland — Gdańsk, Łódź, Warsaw
Romania — Timisoara, Chiajna
Ukraine — Kiev
Bulgaria — Sofia
Georgia — Tibilisi
Moldova —Chisinau
Turkey — Istanbul
Serbia — Belgrade
Bosnia and Herzegovina — Sarajevo
Netherlands — Amsterdam
UK — Handforth



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Central Laboratory Services

Effective project management and continuous coordination are essential for the success of your clinical trials, ensuring precision and efficiency in execution. Explore the benefits of their integral role as part of our comprehensive laboratory management solution.

Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS)
Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS)

Laboratory Documentation

The clinical trial journey begins with an in-depth consultation where our team collaborates closely with yours to gain a comprehensive understanding of your trial’s objectives, timelines, and specific requirements. We thoroughly review the trial protocol, identifying critical laboratory parameters, sample types, and testing methodologies required for success ensuring the highest standards of quality and accuracy.


Laboratory Testing

Leveraging our extensive experience in clinical trials, we design a laboratory setup tailored to the unique needs of your study. This includes selecting the appropriate testing facility, equipment, and methods to respect the required timelines and effective turn-around time to prepare most cost-conscious offer and ensuring at the same time compliance with industry standards and regulatory guidelines.


Samples Management

We work with you to develop a robust sample management strategy. This encompasses everything from sample collection kits and labeling protocols to shipment and storage of samples. Our goal is to maximize sample integrity and traceability throughout the trial’s lifecycle.


Data Management

Ensuring compliance with international regulatory standards is necessary. Our team carefully examines your trial’s regulatory requirements and implements processes that align with Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), and Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) guidelines. This guarantees the validity and acceptance of your trial data by regulatory authorities.


Lab Kits Production

We excel in producing custom collection kits tailored to your trial’s specific needs. Once kits are assembled, we design logistics processes, including secure transportation and storage, to guarantee that they reach your trial sites worldwide in a timely and controlled manner.


Project Management & Coordination

Our team provides comprehensive training and support to trial sites upon client request, ensuring that site staff are well-versed in sample collection, handling, and shipping procedures. This preanalytical step is crucial for maintaining the quality and consistency of the samples throughout the testing workflow in the trial.


Supplies and Samples Logistics

We conduct a thorough risk assessment to identify potential challenges and risks in the study setup process. Our proactive approach allows us to develop mitigation strategies, ensuring that any issues are addressed swiftly and efficiently to minimize disruptions to your trial.

Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS)
Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS)

Laboratory Services

Medicover Integrated Clinical Services offers access to a broad spectrum of diagnostic services including a wide array of laboratory tests, more than 8,000 parameters, in all major clinical pathology areas, ranging from routine to advanced tests and from prevention to monitoring of treatments. 

Medicover Diagnostics regularly upgrades and invests in best-in-class laboratory equipment. Fully integrated automation from industry leaders Roche, Abbott, Beckman Coulter and Sysmex are implemented in the high throughput laboratory areas, each managing between 10,000-25,000 tests per day. 

Advanced equipment in genetic testing features a NovaSeq™ High Throughput Next Generation Sequencer, a Hamilton based automation solution for DNA extraction, as well as a robust bioinformatics solution. 

Using superior logistics, automation and an ever-growing portfolio of tests, we provide primary diagnostic testing as well as secondary opinion services globally.


Cell-Based Assays



Flow Cytometry



Enzymatic Assays

Platelet Function Assays

Multiplex Assays

Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS)
Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS)

Main benefits

Being a Regional Central Lab, we benefit from reduced logistics costs, faster access to laboratory results, harmonized clinical data, and real-local support, all while tapping into a large patient population in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Discover why Medicover Integrated Clinical Services is a good choice as your central lab partner. Explore our flexible approach, global capabilities, and advanced diagnostics to optimize efficiency and enhance your research efforts.


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