Free Webinar: Next Generation Biomarkers. A Journey of Multiomic Translational Science from Discovery to Companion Diagnostics

Register for this, the first of three webinars in a series, to get an overview on how Medicover Integrated Clinical Services is structured to assist you in your biomarker and companion diagnostic efforts in all stages – from discovery to commercialization.

With the emergence of new biological insights through multi-omics technologies and the development of new therapeutic concepts such as immuno-oncology, the complexity and utility of biomarkers has dramatically increased over the last decade. At the same time, our data mining and AI capabilities have opened massive opportunities from biomarker discovery to companion diagnostic commercialization. On the other hand, the ever-increasing amount of data and complexity presents new challenges in biomarker development: from Discovery, Validation, and Regulatory Approval. To improve the probability of success and speed to market, an integrated approach is required. Access to patients and biospecimens, adherence to quality systems, understanding of the regulatory landscape, clinical feasibility considerations, and market access capabilities are critical to success.